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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Good deal, good gear, good price !

Central Motors

Electric Wheels

  • 250 Watt Bafang motor 26" front wheel $285

  • 250 Watt MXUS motor 26" front wheel $265

  • 250 Watt Bafang motor 700C front wheel $285

  • 500 Watt 26" front wheel $295

  • 500 Watt 26" rear wheel $295

  • 250-450 Watt Golden Motor Mini Pie 26" rear wheel(MP$) $380

  • 250-1000 Watt GoldenMotor MP2 26" rear wheel $380

  • 250-1000 Watt Golden Motor MP2 700D, rear wheel $380

All include controller, throttle and brakes
separately : controller $40, throttle $13, pair of brakes $13
6 speed free wheel screw on gear set $20 if needed
All have easy to connect multi pin socket close to wheel
All in stock at Noosa

For speed testing see test results
Photos below

250W BLDC motor with multi pin connector

26" wheel with double wall rim


throttle with battery level indicator

brakes with motor cut off

torque arm and ties

Electric Bicycle Batteries

Golden motors Parts

  • Universal Controller BAC 281 $70

  • BLDC motor BLT 800 48 Volt 800 Watt $195
For controlling various other motors of
different voltages and wattages
(not necessary for GM kits.
They have similar controller inside the motor)
More about this controller
User Guide
1. All motors are brushless DC motors.
2. Motor wheels do not include tyre and tube
3. All batteries lock in place.
4. Rear wheel motors have a lug for attaching a freewheel gear set, and the space available allows for an ordinary 6 cog freewheel
Note : Many road bikes have a cassette gearset which is a different fitting
You keep your gears and derailleur. You need to take off the freewheel gearset from your replaced wheel and attach it to the new motor wheel. A gear removal tool is needed.
A 6 speed screw-on gearset is available for $20
5. The space between the forks needs to be 135mm for rear wheels and 100mm for front wheels
6. The centreline of some rear motor wheels can be a little to left of the centreline of the replaced wheel.
7. Component parts are available separately, If you want to leave out or change any components, price adjustment will be made
8. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are an improvement on, and have longer life, than Li-ion batteries.
For more information look in Battery University
or Wikipedia
9. For more description and photographs of Golden Motors Magic Pie kits click here
10. GoldenMotor wheels have buit-in programmable controller that will be set for the power that you request and they accept voltage from 24 to 48v
The controller is the most advanced there is - with regenerative braking, cruise control, anti theft locking, will still operate the motor if the Hall sensors fail.More
11. GoldenMotor wheels have mounting holes for 140mm and 160mm disc brake discs

Cruise Controller User Guide (pdf)
Cruise Controller Wiring Diagram (pdf)
MP wiring (jpg)
Magic Pie Performance curve 36V (pdf)
Magic Pie Performance curve 48V (pdf)
Mini Pie Performance curve 36V (pdf) (also known as Smart Pie)
Mini Pie Performance curve 48V (pdf) (also known as Smart Pie)
Software for controller programming (zip) Interface (jpg)
HBS-36 500W (proKit 901) Performance Curve (pdf)
Mini Rear 36V 250W Performance Curve (Pro Kit 902)(pdf)
Mini Front 36V 250W Performance Curve (Pro Kit 902)(pdf)
Magic Pie 3 Connection Guide (pdf)
Smart Pie (Mini Pie or MP4) front hub drawing (pdf)
Smart Pie (Mini Pie or MP4) rear hub drawing (pdf)