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A fine fast 26" folding electric mountain bike

"Big Red"

Big Red - a 26in folding e-bike from Value-E-Bikes
Frame : light aluminium alloy mountain bike with rear suspension
It folds, and that may be what you want. If not just forget that it can foldup.
total weight : 25kg
saddle height : 80-92cm
Handlebar height : 95cm
wheels : 26" alloy with double wall rims
tyres : 26"x 1.75" Sakura
gears : 6 sp Shimano Tourney gears
brakes : Shimano disc at front, rim brakes at rear (side pull)
gearing : 48T front, 14-28T rear
cranks : 17cm
colour : red
motor : 250 watts nominal output, Bafang (8FUN) motor
with disconnection socket close to axle
battery : 36 volt 10 AH Lithium-ion battery - supplied with charger - of course
controls : throttle on right and selectable pedal assist on left with choices : "off", "low", "medium" and "high" power assist
Compared with other e-bike motors these have no noticable drag - It's easy to pedal without motor or to coast down a slight incline

battery range test : completed 32 km on street circuit and other streets in Noosa Parklands, all at "medium" motor assist setting and without pedal effort. You would get less on "high" setting, and more on "low" setting, and, of course, more km if you make some pedal effort.
That is indicative only - I cannot guarantee that you on your bike and the way you ride will and the route you take will be the same.
(for factors affecting the battery range see FAQ)

Speed test
This electric mountain bike comes with maximum speed compliant with EN15194, ie 25kmh
It can be modified to be an excellent fast off road mountain bike
This is where it really shines. If you add enough pedalpower to keep motor running efficiently you can get up hill at about 28kmh and along flat tracks at around 30-32kmh. That makes your biking a whole lot faster.
Timed speeds in off road set up :
(Note : on good ashphalt, not rough track)
speed on 1.23km test on street strip, averaged both ways :
PAS on "high", no pedal effort 31.4 kmh and 32.6 kmh with pedaling
PAS on "medium", no pedal effort 27.2 kmh and 28kmh with pedaling
PAS on "low", no pedal effort 19.9 kmh and 22.8 kmh with pedaling
and around 3.5km street circuit with some hills average speed : 31.4 kmh, no pedal effort and 32.6 with pedal effort
Gyndier Rd Hill Climb : 2.95km av 23.3 kmh on motor alone, no pedal effort.
On the hills is where you can make a bigger difference with good pedal effort. When I pedal enough to keep motor running efficiently the average speed increases to 28.8kmh
At whatever level of assistance, high,medium or low, you can get good exercise by pedaling. That is a good compromise between ease and exercise, and you travel faster than you would without assistance
And you should always do some pedaling because even moderate regular exercise will add up to 10 extra years of good happier healthier more mobile life. (Recent medical experiments have shown that...when compared with more sedentary life)
For more about the bike speed testing see bike testing
I believe you will not find another bike like this...
with an as powerful motor,
as good parts, as well made,
and at an as good price

The price for your new freedom machine Just $1295 !
This folding electric bike made with the best parts compares very well with any other similar (there are few like it) bike in Australia, and at a better price
Please do not think that if you pay more than this from another site that you will get a better bike.
There are some e-bikes that are more expensive but have lesser quality parts and a less powerful motor. Compare well!

Big Red an e-bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
250 watt output Bafang motor in front wheel
Big Red an e bike from Value-E-Bikes
Straight handlebar with all the controls including key
Big Red an e-bicycle Australia from Value-E-Bikes
Confirming Bafang 8FUN 250 watt motor
adjacent socket in power lead makes wheel easier to remove
Big Red an electric bike for sale from Value-E-Bikes
Shimano disc brake on front wheel
Big Red a motorised bicycle for sale from Value-E-Bikes
Straight handlebar with all the controls including key
Big Red a battery bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Front light switch, bell and 3 Level PAS with
battery strength guage
best electric bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
6 speed gear selector, and throttle with battery level guage
Big Red a battery bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
"Ignition" switch is convenient
Big Red a folding electric bicycle for sale from Value-E-Bikes
bright front LED light powered by bike'sbattery
folding electric bicycle Australia from Value-E-Bikes
strong folding hinge
Big Red a motorised bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
quickfold pedal
Big Red a bicycle with motor from Value-E-Bikes
Zoom front fork dampers
Big Red an ebike from Value-E-Bikes
rear wheel contains 36v 10AH battery (stationary on axle)
best folding bike
rear suspension mechanism
folding e-bike from Value-E-Bikes
strong rear suspension damper (750 lb/in)
foldable electric bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
6 speed Shimano Tourney gears
20in foldup e-bike 20" FOLDING BIKE
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you may prefer a 20in folding bike
with excellent performance for a 20" bike
getting you about just a few kmh slower
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