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Folding Electric Bicycle 13

Alloy E-Bike 13 an electric bike from Value-E-Bikes Alloy E-Bike 13 an ebike from Value-E-Bikes
Most of my customers for these folding bikes have been refered by other happy customers such as Dianne
"I have ridden the bike a few times and WHAT A BUZZ, I am soo pleased with it. If I have strong head wind I turn on the battery and off I go... FROM A VERY PLEASED CUSTOMER
or Jimbo
"Just a line to let you know that the bike is performing better than I imagined... I have had lots of enquiries re your bikes ....Jimbo"

Frame : light aluminium alloy
total weight : 21kg including battery
low centre bar (lowest 35 cm high - lower than most other step-through bikes)
saddle : soft and stylish, height : 78cm to 94cm (OK for "short" or "tall")
Handlebar height is adjustable : 107cm to 119cm
wheels : 20" alloy with double wall rims
tyres, tubes : top quality Kenda thorn "proof" with green goo inside, and with reflective strip outside
gears : 6 sp Shimano Tourney gears
brakes : both rim brakes (side pull)
motor : 250 watts nominal output

Compared with other e-bike motors these have no noticable drag - It's easy to pedal without motor or to coast down the slightest incline
battery : 36 volt 10AH Lithium-ion battery rechargeable up to 800 times
(see FAQ) * Supplied with charger - of course.
controls : thumb throttle on right and selectable pedal assist on left with choices : no assist, full power assist, and 3 in between power settings: "low", "medium", "high"
battery range test : completed 47 km on test circuits in Noosa parklands without pedal effort
That is indicative only - I cannot guarantee that you on your bike and the way you ride will and the route you take will be the same but you can go further of course if you do some pedal effort
(for factors affecting the battery range see FAQ)
max speed on flat street - no pedal effort : 28.7 kmh,
speed on 1.23km test on street strip, averaged both ways : PAS on "high", no pedal effort 28.7 kmh
PAS on "medium", no pedal effort xx kmh
PAS on "low", no pedal effort xx kmh
and around 3.5km street circuit average speed :
PAS on "high", no pedal effort 28 kmh
PAS on "medium", no pedal effort xx kmh
Hill climbing (Gyndier Rd Hill Climb) PAS on "high", no pedal effort, just the motor:
2.95km av 23.5 kmh and 26.2 kmh with pedaling
I believe you will not find another bike like this...
with an as powerful motor,
as good parts, as well made,
and at an as good price

For more about the bike speed testing see bike testing
When PAS is set at "low" or "medium", and even on "high" you can get good exercise by pedaling "ahead" of the motor - A good compromise between ease and exercise
When motor, or PAS, is off there is very little drag and the e-bike is a bike.
New rules are being adopted - the European Standard EN 15194. Read it here (pdf format) or how it affects future imports of e-bikes here
The rear rack is aluminium and strong The bright front LED light is like a small spotlight and is connected to the battery
Colour : either white or black
Optional extra : Bike bag for carrying or storing bicycle $49
The price ?

Just $1295 !

For locations to try or buy click link
This folding electric bike made with the best parts compares very well with any other similar bike in Australia, and at a better price
Please do not think that if you pay more you will get a better bike.
Quality of bike parts in China varies a lot and I know it's worth while paying more for better motors, batteries, frames and other parts because it saves by having less problems and happier customers. There are some e-bikes around that are more expensive but have lesser quality parts and a less powerful motor. Compare well!

Alloy E-Bike 13 a motorised bicycle for sale from Value-E-Bikes Alloy E-Bike 13 a battery bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Selectable 3 level assist and battery level indicator Gear shifter and twist throttle
best electric bicycle from Value-E-Bikes Alloy E-Bike 13 a battery bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Saddle with shock absorber with 40mm travel Top brand motor - 8FUN - from Bafang
best electric bicycle from Value-E-Bikes Alloy E-Bike 13 a battery bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Black rear rack with spring
Alloy E-Bike 13 an e-bicycle Australia from Value-E-Bikes
Adjustable height handlebar with easy set clamp
an electric bicycle for sale from Value-E-Bikes
Optional bike bag (there is a bike inside)
Alloy E-Bike 13 a motorised bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Zoom adjustable suspension fork
Alloy E-Bike 13 an ebike from Value-E-Bikes
Front bright LED headlight
wired to bike's battery
an e-bike for  sale at Value-E-Bikes foldable electric bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Foldable pedals Shimano Tourney 6 speed gears
e bikes Australia Alloy E-Bike 13 a foldup electric bicycle from Value-E-Bikes
Easily folded in less than 30 seconds Folded size 87cm x 44cm x 68cm high
Big Red - a 26in foldup mountain e-bike from Value-E-Bikes 26" FOLDING BIKE
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may prefer a bigger faster rugged 26" electric mountain bike
that will get you around town at about 30kmh
and up decent hills at about 28kmh - Big Red