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Damage on delivery...Must be "not accepted" with apparent damage noted on delivery notice and be reported within 7 days.
Written description with photographs (including the carton) will be appreciated
Manufacturing defaults must be notified within 12 months and be clearly not caused by misuse improper assemby, or accident, or not paying heed to "Known Issues" or "Maintenance" below.
Any such part will be replaced if separated and sent back by original purchaser within 12 months of purchase in sound and secure packaging paid by sender, and confirmed as a manufacturing fault.
Liability, wholy or part, is not accepted for any consequence of any mishap from any use of the bicycle


The bikes are sent at best possible freight rates. To the cities they are low but are higher to distant places becuase of extra couriers involved.
Because the rates vary a great deal We can't simplify things by having a flat rate.
See the freight rates page for delivery rates by CouriersPlease. Delivery is on normal business days.
Someone needs to be there to accept delivery, and in most cases assist delivery.
Contact phone number(s) and email address are needed
Any unsuccessful deliveries because of noone being there will incur a $20 re-delivery fee
You will be able to track delivery progress.


You can pay by credit card over the phone, or in store, or direct bank transfer payment (ring for the bank numbers).

Known Issues with all products

All bicycles
Vinyl tyres on most bikes can stain vinyl (and possibly other) flooring. Moving a bike over the floor won't leave a mark but leaving the bike on the floor may leave a mark. If you bring your bike inside park it on tile or concrete floor or put cardboard or such under the tyres.
All battery chargers : When charging connect the charger to the battery before the power supply and when finished turn the power off before the charger is disconnected from the battery.
Take care when attaching any old style round charger plugs to battery socket that you do not short circuit the battery by bridging across the inner and out metal parts of the socket. Take care to not overly twist the (round) plug if it is stiff
Batteries: Batteries are tested by their manufacturer - and it is their claimed "life" that is quoted
The "life" is the number of charge/discharge cycles needed to reduce the capacity of the battery to an arbitrary percentage (eg 80%) of its original capacity. The testing is done in a laboratory by repetitive charge/discharge cycles. In actual use and less than ideal conditions such as..
being kept, of left, in a hot (or very cold) place, impact or jolting, or not being topped up reduce "life". and also all battteries lose a small percentage of capacity every month, even if not used


All parts of the bicycles except electrical components are "user serviceable".
Lack of maintenance of some parts can affect other parts, or can make bicycle unsafe. Maintenance includes ensuring that all fixings (including spokes) are tight, lubricating moving parts, and keeping brakes effective.
Bike shops can do your maintenance, or you can do it yourself. A site such as www.bikewebsite.com may help.

Privacy Statement

We take your privacy seriously - your information is NEVER shared or divulged to anyone... just as we would not want ours ever to be

A more powerful electric bicycle?

If you would like a more powerful electric bicycle to better keep up with the traffic
note that the existing laws in all states limits us to 200 watts output. But these laws have been changed or will soon be changed to match the European standard EN 15194
this will allow 250 watts. For more about these changes see the new rules
More powerful motors are available but if you have more than 250 watts output you need to keep "offroad".